F2 Movie Reflects My Style- Venkatesh Daggubati


F2 Movie Reflects My Style- Venkatesh Daggubati

10 Jan, 2019

Victory Venkatesh and Varun Tej starring in 'F2' tagline fun and frustration after the film `Guru`. Anil Ravipudi directed this film produced by Dil Raju. The film is going to be released on 12th of this month as Sankranti gift to the audience. Hero Venkatesh spoke to media on this occasion.


Have you decided to do different roles?
I have heard many scripts after `Guru` but nothing has happened. I liked this script which was in my style with a new storyline. Working with Young Hero will be a good feeling. We can learn from them. There will be an opportunity for them to know about us.  The sequences before marriage and after marriage were screened well.


What kind of message does this movie have?
There is a message about Marriage. How do we communicate with our wifes. It is important that we have to recognize the greatness of women.


You were in Sankranthi race after a long gap?
Yes, after a long gap my movie was in Sankranthi race. F2 is complete family entertainer where the whole family could come and watch the film. I have put my heart and soul to act in teh film.


Tell about director Anil?
Anil is agood writer. If he wants to put a punch in a specific scene, he would write if necesssary. He studied my previous films and gave me a good character in f2.


How did you feel working with Varun Sandesh?
Varun had took a very short time to mingle with us. Despite of image, he had been doing differnt movies in his own style. He had done very well in Telangana asscent.


Did you missed doing any role?
I am Looking forward to act with my complete affort for doing characters. I love to do movies like Aamir Khan and Amitabh.


You are being active in social media these days?
In comparison with the rest, I liked instagram. I like photography and will be posting natures pics in instagram. 


Your next movies?
My next movie is Venky Mama with Chaitu. One more in Trivikram's direction. Anil Ravapudi is making another story.

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