‘Needi Nadi Oke Katha’ Gives You a Realistic Experience


‘Needi Nadi Oke Katha’ Gives You a Realistic Experience

18 Mar, 2018

Sree Vishnu feels excited about his upcoming film Needi Nadi Oke Katha which is scheduled for a March release.

The Mental Madhilo star had an interesting chat with us. Scroll down to know.

About your role?

I will be playing as a youngster who is exhausted with existing formalities, stereotypes, and the unusual importance given to education.

Working with Venu

It was a good experience working with Venu Udugula. The director is making his debut with this film.

What’s Dogme 95 Manifesto?

Needi Nadi Oke Katha film is touted to be the first Telugu film which conforms to the Dogme 95 manifesto.

The Dogme 95 manifesto is all about stressing on the traditional values of story, acting and theme while eschewing elaborate special effects and technology. It’s a filmmaking movement which was started by two Danish directors

Reason for movie delay

I was quite busy with the Mental Madhilo film shoot that led to the delay of this movie.

About next projects

I’m completely focusing on different roles rather commercial ones.  

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