Everyone Speak About our Chemistry- Sharvanand


Everyone Speak About our Chemistry- Sharvanand

20 Dec, 2018

Sharvanand, Sai Pallavi starring in the romantic entertainer Padi Padi Leche Manasu is going to release on 21st December. Hero Sharvanand spoke to media on the occasion of the movie release.

Is there any tension in the movie release?
Nothing like that, I am very happy. Since the film is very good, we all are confident. The audience will certainly like the movie.

Hanu's last movie did not do well.
Hanu is a good technician. I know him for ten years. His Narration style is very different. He deals with love stories very differently so I did this movie.  

What is the movie storyline?
It's a simple love story. The story is designed on the Lead Pair Mantalates by Hanu. The chemistry between Sai Pallavi is very well worked out.

Reason for shooting the movie in Kalakatta?
Our director Hanu Raghavpudi is doing this film in fresh love backdrop. So we have chosen that place. All the movies that were made in the city were super-successes. There is a belief that this sentiment also workout.

Tell me about your character
I acted in the role of Surya who plays football very well. Sai Pallavi is an amazing actress who was the heroine and very respectful with fellow actors. Everyone speaks about our chemistry.

Did you have different hairstyle?
There is no special reason. I just grew my hair for a casual look.

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