Shailaja Reddy Interview - Birthday Special


Shailaja Reddy Interview - Birthday Special

15 Sep, 2018

How do you feel Shailaja Reddy success on your birthday?
I am very happy about having a super hit on my birthday. I wish all the best to my co-actors who genuinely gave their best for the film.

Your role in Shailaja Reddy Alludu is appreciable by the viewers, How do you feel about it?
My role in Shailja Reddy Alludu is very special and powerful. A lady who stands for the people and to shower the love of her daughter. maruthi had designed the different characters in the film.

How do you feel acting in Naga Chaitanya?
I feel good acting with Naga Chaitanya, He is a down to earth person. He had grown well in acting and did the scenes with maturity.

How do you feel doing the role in Shailaj reddy Alludu?
I love doing a variety of roles in the film and that made me such a big artist. 

Tell us about the producers of the movie?
They are the most fashionable producers who believe in the director and believe in the cast.  

Finally, tell something about this film?
This movie is a very good picture and will be a complete family entertainer.  

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