Saaho Song Resembles Bollywood Style


Saaho Song Resembles Bollywood Style

11 Jul, 2019

Prabhas starreer 'Saaho' is being produced internationally. This can be noticed by watching the two making videos. It is also clear that they had invested massive amounts to shoot the film. The audience liked fights which were canned in Hollywood style. However, there is confusion that the released first song 'Psycho Saiyaan' is a Hindi song or a Telugu song?

Song tune, picturization, and the style reflect Hindi films. Particularly the lyrics seem a dubbing song. In addition to this, Telugu audiences are not satisfied with the song that made focus on Shraddha Kapoor rather than Prabhas. The first song that has to bring hype to the film had disappointed hardcore Prabhas fans. It is impossible for the mass audience to reach this song. The film stills that have been released so far and a publicity plan resemble Bollywood films. 

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