Nagarjuna's Old Getup is Going Viral!!


Nagarjuna's Old Getup is Going Viral!!

05 Aug, 2019

Akkineni handsome hunk Nagarjuna is becoming a teenager day by day. He is growing elder in age, but he is becoming a teenager in looks. He looks like a thirty-year-old man in his sixties. Manmadhudu 2 promotional pictures are some of the examples. In the film's pre-release event, Naga Chaitanya says, “I am afraid to attend my dad's movie functions because everyone thinks that we are brothers."

Nagarjuna is also saying that he is 30 years old. Nagarjuna looks very young in 'Manmadhudu 2' as Naga Chaitanya says. However, Nagarjuna will also be seen in old getup in the film. That old look was released in the pre-release event. No matter how long he will be seen in the getup, the look has become the talk of the town now. Director Rahul Ravindran has shown Nagarjuna as an old man. Nagarjuna expressed confidence that the film would be a success.


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