Farmers Feel Proud After Watching the Movie: Karthi


Farmers Feel Proud After Watching the Movie: Karthi

11 Jul, 2018

Hero Karthi's Chinabbau is going to release soon. On this occasion, Karthi spoke to media about the movie.

Say something about Chinababu?
I always wanted to do a movie with the director Pandey Raj, who had received a national award for the movie Pasang. The movie is not only about the children emotions but also about parents ideology. I am very privileged to act in his direction. In this movie, I will be a son to a farmer and very proud doing farming. I am a successful organic farmer who earns a lakh per month and feeds the family.

farmers threats are shown in this movie?
We just show the positive side of farming i.e organic farming used in Germany. With this organic farming in Kerala, they are earning two, three crores per year.

Does Surya first time produce your film?
Surya left everything to the director and did not attend the shoot even once. He is a good producer.
Do you have a touch with agriculture?
Yes because my wife came from a farmers family. We all will enjoy the holidays in villages. So, there is a connection to me with agriculture directly.

Your next picture
Yes with Rakul

Will Khaki have a sequel?
When Vinod told the story, he has a sequel idea. If he comes with the script i am ready.

When will you make a straight movie in Telugu?
Waiting for the script after Oopiri.

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