Is it Wrong if Heroine Smoke??- Rakul


Is it Wrong if Heroine Smoke??- Rakul

06 Aug, 2019

Have you seen the recently released 'Manmadhudu 2' teaser? One special teaser was released introducing the heroine role in the film. At the end of the teaser, Rakul Preet Singh was seen smoking. Speaking about that, Rakul said, "In real life, I never smoke. I have to smoke in one or two scenes in this film. This film is not about smoking or another thing. The film is all about family relationships and values. However, No one will ask if hero smokes, but when heroine smoke, everyone will ask."

She said that her respect for Nagarjuna is increased after doing this film because he gives respect to the whole team. Rakul Preet Singh said that he had not yet played the role of Avantika in Manmadhudu 2. According to the story, the hero and heroine will have 25 years age gap. You have to wait till August 9th and watch the film to know-how. 


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