“Intelligent must be a blockbuster” - Rebel star Prabhas


“Intelligent must be a blockbuster” - Rebel star Prabhas

29 Jan, 2018

Starring Supreme hero Sai Dharam Tej and Lavanya Tripathi in the lead roles, ‘Intelligent’ is an upcoming film directed by V.V.Vinayak and produced by C.Kalyan. The film’s dialogues and Taman’s music are already trending in the web and young rebel star has released the first song from the film.

Prabhas said “Mr.Vinayak was hesitant to invite me for the function but if he just rings me up, I’d come to anywhere and any function. I’ve enjoyed a lot while filming ‘Yogi’ and even told Mr.Rajamouli about it. Mr.Vinayak makes the actors relaxed but we should be working hard instead. Sai visited the shooting of Sahoo and I told him how lucky it is to be working with Mr.Vinayak. ‘Chamaku Chamaku Cham’ is my most favourite song in the film and I’m waiting to see if Sai Dharam Tej matched up to the grace of Megastar in his moves.“

V.V.Vinayak said “Prabhas is the epitome of pure friendship and he only cares about true friends. Its a rarity to find such personalities in the industry. I rang up up Prabhas and asked if he would come and release a song. He was more than happy to be her and his joy is now shared among all of us. Thanks to Prabhas from all of us. I’m happy after hearing that Tej is resembling Mr.Chiranjeevi in the teaser and he’s done an amazing job in the film. Lavanya acted as a commercial heroine in the film and the combination with Siva Akula has always proved to be successful and this film shall repeat the same feat“

Sai Dharam Tej said “We feel that Mr.Prabhas is a part of our family. Thanks to Mr.Prabhas for launching the first song from our film and thanks to director V.V.Vinayak and producer C.kalyan for the film“

Producer C.Kalyan said “Thanks to young rebel star Prabhas for releasing the first song from our film and their entire family has a genuine quality of wishing people good health in their lives. There are a total 4 songs in the film and we’ll be releasing the songs one by one within a gap of 4 hours each. Bhaskar Batla, Vari Kuppala Yadagiri’s songs are really good in the film and Lavanya will get more love calls after the film. The film is releasing on 9th February and we’ll talk about the success on 10th February. Thanks to Mr.Prabhas from our entire team for blessing the efforts“

Writer Akula Siva said “The title has received a good response and the songs composed by Taman have come out really good. We are sure the film will be a hit and earn a good fame for all of us“

Heroine Lavanya Tripathi said “Thanks to Mr.Vinayak and C.Kalyan for giving me the opportunity in the film. Thanks to Mr.Prabhas for coming down here to release the song and the film surely entertain the audience“

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