Subrahmanyapuram is Very Special to Me- Eesha Rebba


Subrahmanyapuram is Very Special to Me- Eesha Rebba

06 Dec, 2018

Sumanth, Eesha Rebba starring in the film Subrahmanyapuram is directed by Debutant director Santosh Jagarlapudi is directing this film and produced by Beeram Sudhakar Reddy under Sudhakar Impex IPL Banner. This movie is going to release on December 7th grandly.

Director Santosh about the story
Santosh told me the story for two hours. I had visualized when he was telling the story and I loved it. I like suspense thriller so that I accepted the film. But I like watching films with tension and there are many such elements in Subrahmanyapuram. 

How my role is:
A girl who is fond of her village. She likes her family that too loves her father very much. The love story will be there in this film but doesn't destruct the thrilling experience.   

Subrhammanapuram Team has some Energy:
Working with this team is very exciting. RK Pratap Cinematography, Shekhar Chandra Music is a big asset to Subramanyapuram. Director Santosh though doing the first film he had given his best.  

Thrilled with the shoot:
Not much terrified while shooting. But that background score and visual effects made the movie effective. 

Sumanth appears Complete Opposite:
I am a devotee to god and Sumanth plays complete opposite role. There will be a difference between their opinions. The girl who believes God exists and an opposite persons love feel is suspense.

Work with Sumanth is very comfortable
I like Sumanth movies like Godavari, Golconda High School, Malli Rava. His acting will be very natural. 

Director Santosh does not seem fresher:
Santosh is a very clarified director. He came with the bound script and he describes every scene with clarity. 

here are many secrets beyond science that challenges human minds. The same is the belief in God. The results of the Karthik investigations that question the belief of people is all about the film. What is the hidden secret in Subrahmanyapuram? Subrahmanyapuram" is a movie made with such interesting elements. 'Subrahmanyampuram' which became a special attraction for Visual Effects has become an interesting project in the industry. 


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