Does Nani Praise or Criticize?


Does Nani Praise or Criticize?

15 May, 2019

We already reported that Natural star Nani attended as the chief guest to ABCD pre-release function. Usually, the attended chief guests will speak some good words about the film. If you notice Nani Speech in the 'ABCD' pre-release function, we cannot image whether he had praised or criticized the film.

He said that "the trailer resembles Pilla Zamindar trailer. Anyone Pilla Zamindar fans here. The audience will show more love towards the film even now. The audience should love ABCD more. Already news has been reported that that ABCD trailer resembles Pilla Zamindar. Nani also spoke the same. Comparing the upcoming release film to previously released film is a plus or minus Nani should know.

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