Chanakya is a Family Entertainer - Gopichand


 Chanakya is a Family Entertainer - Gopichand

07 Oct, 2019

Aggressive hero Gopichand, Mehreen, Zareen Khan starring as the main lead roles in the film Chanakya is directed by Tamil super hit film director Thiru. Ramabrahman Sunkara is producing the film under AK Entertainments Banner. This spy action thriller is released on the occasion fo Dussehra on October 5th. On this occasion, Gopichand spoke to the media.


You have very high expectations for Chanakya. How does it feel?

Chanakya's output came out great. We are confident that we will meet the expectations of the audience.


To what extent is this film attract family audiences?

Entertainment what families want is there in the film. There are action and good emotion in the film too. That emotion connects to the Audience.


This si the first time for you doing an action spy thriller?

I have not done this type of Spy thriller film in this zonar. When director Thiru told the story of the film, I felt interesting till the end. The audience will feel the same. That's why I made this movie.


Gopichand means mass. And to what extent will action be in the film?

This is an action spy thriller. As you'd expect, the action scenes will entertain you. 


What about producer Anil Sunkara?

He will always look for the best output. He will do every film very passionately. Producers like him are essential to the film industry.


Why Chanakya is releasing as a competition with Syeraa?

We originally planned to release the Chanakya movie in the month of May, but, after I was injured, the shooting was delayed. After that, we want to release our movie on October 3, but the release date of Syeraa has not been announced. After announcing the release of Syeraa on  October 2nd, we planned to release the Chanakya movie on October 5th.


The audience may support two films because of the Dussehra holidays?

We believe the same. The audience will also welcome Chanakya due to Dussehra Holidays. Both Chanakya and Syeraa films are in different backgrounds.


What about your next projects?

I am currently working for Prasad sir film. Sampath Nandi's movie should be done after the completion of the film. When these two films are finished I will think about the next films.

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