“Chalo is named after Ram Charan’s song” - Naga Shourya


“Chalo is named after Ram Charan’s song” - Naga Shourya

01 Feb, 2018

How did Ira originate?

I like elephants and like lord Vinayak. Since its the holy vehicle of Mr.Indra, We’ve come up with IRA banner. Bujji Uncle and Srinivas Reddy were our back bone and ‘Chalo wouldn’t have been possible without them. My admiration for them never drops and the film came out really well’ Tell us about Chalo A film can only be directed well or worse than the initial idea and Chalo was shot well thanks to Mr. Sai Sri Ram. After watching the film you’ll realize what role he has played in the project

Why the title ‘Chalo’?

We weren’t initially concerned about the title but my dad forced us to come up with one, After watching ‘Le Chalo’ song from Ram Charan’s Bruce Lee film, we've decided to come up with the title ‘Chalo’

What’s your involvement in the film?

I never used to be involved in my film earlier but if flops, I’ve been made responsible and learned a lot from it. So I traveled with Venky for 7 - 9 months and made necessary changes. However, once the shooting commences, I never get involved in the project What’s your character in the film? I play the same rough and jovial character from my real life in the film. Except for the scenes involving the heroine, my role is identical to my real life

Story of the film?

Because of a town located on the border of Andhra and Tamilnadu, the states split into two and there’s a fence in between. If the fence is crossed, its a tradition to kill each other. The reasons for which I cross the fence and the eccentric climax should be seen on screen

About the music?

The audio of the film is a huge hit and Sagar Mahati’s tunes are amazing. The background score is amazing as well

How was it producing the film?

My parents took care of the production and though we struggled initially to understand the process at first, we slowly progressed. After we shot 3 scenes in 11 days at Guntur, I rang up mom to talk about the low production values. Since then, my mom took care of the whole thing.

Rumours about you and Niharika?

I only heard this rumor last night when my friends mentioned it. I have no such link ups and only if my mother forces me to, I’ll marry with in next 3 - 4 years

What are your next projects?

I’m making a film with Cinematographer Sai Sree Ram and will begin from February. This is a love story and is supposed to be made 2 hours ago. I’m then making another film titled ’Nartanasala’ with a new director Srinivas

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