Aravinda Sametha is Trivikram's Mark - NTR


Aravinda Sametha is Trivikram's Mark - NTR

06 Oct, 2018

Young Tiger NTR and legendary director Trivikram paired for the first time in Aravinda Samata Veera Raghava'. We are aware that NTR had revealed in the pre-release event that he is trying to make the movie with Trivikram since 12 years. When questioning NTR about Trivikram's Agnathavasi movie flop many affects Aravinda Sametha?

NTR responed geerously that he dont think in that way and says every film has a different journey. Every man has hits and flops in their journey and that is a quiet natural thing. 'Aravinda Sametha Veera Rahgava' is completely Trivikram movie. I'm a part of his journey. He wrote a wonderful story that people will remember many days.

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