I am Very Confident : Adivisesh


I am Very Confident : Adivisesh

02 Aug, 2018

Abhishek, Sobhitha Dushipala playing lead roles under Abhishek Pictures, Vista Dream Merchant, People's Media Factory banner. Sashi Kiran Tikka directed the film under T.G. Vishwa Prasad, Abhishek Agarwalproduction.  Hero Adivisesh spoke to media on the occasion of the movie release on 3rd August.

Tell something about Goodachari?
I am very happy and confident about the movie. We had played a show for about 50 to 60 members in Annapurna Studios. Those who watched the movie are satisfied.

Confidence on film?
I am genuinely confident in the movie Goodachari.

Is it a kind of Jamesbond Story?
Goodachari does not relate to Jamesbond but its a story of a young man who is studying MBA in ISB Gachiboli. The story is all about how this man shows his strength.

Does this relate to old Goodachari?
There is no relation to old Goodachari. But due to the story of the film, the title is fixed. Ita feel-good love story with genuine feelings.

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