ABCD Trailer Launched!!


ABCD Trailer Launched!!

15 Apr, 2019

Have you remembered Nani's character in Pilla Zamindar film? Now Allu Sirish's 'ABCD' movie is very similar to Pilla Zamindar. Some scenes along with the hero character appear identical to that film. Nani, who was born in Zamindars family, came to a village and gone through many difficulties to complete his degree is the story of Pilla Jamindar.

In ABCD trailer also we can see that an NRI came to India leaving all the luxuries to complete his studies. Same as Pilla Zamindar there are politics in the film. There are many similarities between the two films. ABCD is the Telugu remake of the Malayalam film with some added commercial elements. The movie is going to release on May 17th.

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