A tribute to Mahanati Savitri


A tribute to Mahanati Savitri

07 Dec, 2017

Savitri s a Legendary actress of the bygone golden era of Tollywood cinema and the crown princess of the title ’Mahanati’. The actress has enticed the Telugu audience with her expressions, acting, and beauty. Savitri can be considered a library for all the upcoming Telugu actresses and her legacy has a clear place in the history. Savitri was born to Nismankara Rao Guravayya and Subhadramma in the town of Chirravuru, near Tenali, Andhra Pradesh. After her education in Vijayawada, Savitri was trained in dance where she developed her love for cinema. She played a small role in her debut film ‘Samsaram’ in 1950. Though Savitri’s debut as a heroine was ‘Palletooru’, she was shot to fame with the 1953 film ‘Devadasu’. She never looked back as an actress after Devadasu and became the hallmark for successful films. Savitri acted alongside then legendary actors like N.T.R and A.N.R and earned a great fame across South Indian industries.

Savitri acted in 130 films in her career and was crowned as ‘Mahanati’ and ‘Siromani’. Some of the greatest hits in Savitri’s career include Manchi Manasu, Devata, Devadasu, Rakta Sambandham, Maya Bazar which are timeless till today and will continue to be so for centuries to

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