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Bahubali 2: The Conclusion

Bahubali 2: The Conclusion

| U/A | 2 hr 51 min
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  • Release Date: 28 Apr 2017
  • Language: Telugu
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After Sivagami announces Amarendra Bahubali as the emperor of Mahishmati, Sivagami asks Amarendra Bahubali to go for a secret tour and understand the situations of the kingdom before swearing as emperor. During the secret tour, he meets Kuntalas queen Devasena and fall in love. Ballaladeva who wants to become the king of Mahishmati will set a trap to Amarendra Bahubali, take the throne and finally kills him and locks Devasena as a slave. Kattappa reveals the entire story to Sivudu / Mahendra Bahubali. To take the revenge of his father and his throne, Sivudu takes help of Kattappa and fights with Bhallala Deva and wins the battle and the throne.