“You’ll find the old Vikram again” - Vikram


“You’ll find the old Vikram again” - Vikram

23 Jan, 2018

Director Vijay Chander’s latest flick starring Vikram and Tamanna is ‘Sketch’ which is gearing up for a release in the Telugu states. The film is being released by Suresh productions and a press meet was held at Ramanaidu studios. During the event…

D.Suresh Babu said “Vikram is a good friend of mine since a long time. He’s reached a star status from the latest stage.The film’s trailer is really good and is currently being censored. We’ll release the film soon“

Director Vijay Chander said “The film was a big success in Tamil recently and am confident that the success will be repeated in Telugu as well”

Tamanna said “I’ve been wanting to work with Mr.Vikram for a very long time and it finally happened. I’ve learned a lot working with him and the director has designed my character quite nicely”

Vikram said “I felt very happy when I heard that Mr.Suresh Babu is releasing the film in Telugu. Everyone knows about Suresh Productions and the banner produces many good films. I’ve done an out and out commercial film after 13 years and the film will have a new story to tell. You’ll get to see the old Vikram again”

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