“Waiting for the People’s verdict” - Nagarjuna Akkineni


“Waiting for the People’s verdict” - Nagarjuna Akkineni

22 Dec, 2017

Akkineni Nagarjuna’s latest production with his son Akhil, ‘Hello’ is releasing today and the star spoke to the media…

“Akhil is participating in the promotional events of the film rigorously since the past few days. Right after the U.S event, he participated in the pre-release event and practiced a lot for the live performance. Since he is tired, he couldn’t attend the press meet. I feel I’ve done a good film with Akhil and he too came back stronger after a setback. Finalising the script and post-production works are very important and I enjoy doing it. Vikram took over the project entirely and I barely visited the sets. I’ve visited the sets just once while Hollywood stunt choreographer Bob Brown was at work. I just wanted to see what he does differently than others and we contacted him after learning that he wanted to make an Indian film. You’ll get to see never before seen stunts on the Indian screen. After Mr.Chiranjeevi was done watching the film, he hugged Akhil for 2 minutes and tears rolled down his eyes. Watching that, I started to cry as well and was relieved that a huge weight was put down. Mr.Chiranjeevi blessed Akhil as soon as I asked him to, and the synergy between the Chiru and Akkineni fans is amazing. I asked Vikram to launch Akhil after Manam but due to a film with Surya, It wasn’t made possible. Vikram showed Akhil in the movie, as I wanted him to see. All credit for the film’s success goes to Vikram. Ramya Krishna agreed to do the film as soon as I asked her to and Jagapathibabu will be loved for his role in the film. We’ve done everything we could, to ensure a good movie and I am now waiting for the people’s verdict.”

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