I Can't Reach NTR- Vishal


 I Can't Reach NTR- Vishal

29 Oct, 2018

Action hero Vishal starring in the mass entertainer Pandem Kodi 2 is released recently and been a successful film. Vishal spoke to media about the movie success.

How is Pandem Kodi 2 Response?
Since Pandem Kodi 2 is a rural drama, Along with city people villagers also attracted to the film. The movie is released this Dussehra and expected to be housefull till Diwali.

Recently you are working for sequels?
Making a sequel for the super hit films is tough. If I like the story I accept doing a sequel to the films. Abhimanyudu 2, Detective 2 and Pandem Kodi 3 happened like that.

Tell about Temper remake?
Temper remake in Tamil is titled as Ayogya. Recent MeToo movement is also added to the film. This is the correct time to release this type of film.

Will Ayogya movie will release in Telugu?
No, I was afraid that people will compare Tarak's acting with mine. I can't act like Tarak.

Are there opportunities to contest in elections?
I am not sure But I'm ready to campaign people to vote without taking money. Last year my After that they asked me to compete in the by-elections. The election itself canceled.  

Are you going to marry Varalakshmi?
They are all rumors, We both are friends from childhood. Currently, I am busy constructing a building, after that, I will think about marriage after I found a girl.

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