NOTA is a Realistic Political Drama- Vijay Devarakonda 


NOTA is a Realistic Political Drama- Vijay Devarakonda 

05 Oct, 2018

Tollywood trending star Vijay Devarakonda had become a star with Geetha Govinda 100 crores record. His latest film NOTA is released today and being successful with record collections. Hero Vijay Devarakonda spoke to the media about the film.

Have you been busy with movie promotions?
Recently I have been promoting Geetha Govindam and now NOTA. I will complete the promotions and take the gap.

Did you want to become busy?
I wanted to do more films but I did not expect these sleepless nights. I am doing 8 to 9 video promotions in one day.

How do you respond to the controversies?
I can't understand why they are pulling me into these controversies. Please leave me.

What about movie leaks?
Geetha Govindam whole movie got leaked 2 days before the movie release and Taxiwala also leaked. I didn't understand after doing these films for one and half year and if the movie leaks.

Say something about NOTA?
Its a really interesting political movie that mainly connects Tamilnadu politics. Having a basic political knowledge I had accepted this type of interesting film.

Your next projects?
I had a film in Kranthi's direction and one more multilingual film yet to be signed after the release of NOTA.

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