Venky age gap love Kahani !!


Venky age gap love Kahani !!

25 May, 2019

Actress Swathi will ask Venkatesh to love her in the film 'Aaduvari matalaku Ardhale Veerule.' Since Swathi age is half of Venkys age, He took a small class to her in the film. It is known that Venky is doing a movie in the same concept. Dil Raju is planning for a film with age gap love story with venkatesh.

Young writer Prasanna gave the story for this film. Nithya Menon to pair with Venkatesh in this film. The director has yet to know. Venkatesh is currently busy with the shoots of Venkymama. As soon as the movie completes, this age gap love story under Dil Raju banner may start. 

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