Valmiki Will Make Everyone Proud


Valmiki Will Make Everyone Proud

11 Sep, 2019

Valmiki is a normal man who became a Maharushi and wrote the Ramayana. That is the reason i kept the title 'Valmiki' for the film. This is the clarification given by Harish Shankar while releasing the trailer of 'Valmiki'. Why we mentioned the dialogue as clarification is the boya community had objected to the title. The Boya community had requested to change the title of the film 'Valmiki' where the hero is seen as a gangster.

This matter went to the High Court as well. The Boya community filed a petition in the High Court demanding that "the title of the film should be changed and should be charged if the movie releases without the title change. The High Court refused to interfere in the case and dismissed the case. On the other hand, director Harish Shankar reacted to the objections of the Boya group at the trailer launch on Monday. He said that every Valmiki fan and Boya socialite will be proud of the film.

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