This is the classic horror film - `Sachin Joshi`


This is the classic horror film - `Sachin Joshi`

03 Feb, 2019

Sachin Joshi and Nargees Fakri starring in the main lead roles in the film Amavas under the direction of Ragini MMS fame Bhushan Patel. Mona Jasbir Singh, Ali Asghar Aga, Navneet Kaur Dillon and Vivan Batena are playing the main lead roles in this film is ready for a grand release. Sachin Joshi spoke to the media on this occasion.  

After a long gap doing this film Amavas?
When I was waiting for a different film, Bhushan Patel came to me with this Amavas story and I also liked the story. My previous films are very different from this movie.

If the movie promos are watched, The movie seems to be with full horror background?
Yes, This film is going to be entirely in the background of horror. Some horror elements in the movie thrill the audience. Director Bhushan Patel's screenplay is also very good. In a single word, Amavas is a classic horror film.

What are the elements that seem classic horror film?
This film is not going to be a regular horror movie. Latest VFX effects will thrill the audience. Moreover, The story is all impressive and will be the highlight of the film. 

The film will be released in Hindi and Telugu. Do you shot the movie in both languages?
Yes, this movie has been screened in two languages. However close shots are made up separate for Telugu. We believe that our film will be a big hit in both languages.

Tell us about the heroine Nargis Fakri?
Nargis Fakri did very well. She is a hard worker. Prior to each scene, She tried to hold the soal.

Tell me about your director
He is a horror film specialist. Moreover, This story is very new. The four films he had made are the horror movies. He knows very well what a horror film needs. He is very fond of this zoner. He looked up and liked this zoner. Now I see every horror film.

Tell me about your next projects?
I heard one of two stories. Very good. But Necks has not yet decided what to do with the movie. I think what kind of a movie will be made in Jorunna after our 'Amaavas' release.

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