The Maximum People Will Hurt If We Fail - Sunil


The Maximum People Will Hurt If We Fail - Sunil

16 Apr, 2019

Mega Supreme hero Sai Dharam Tej, Kalyani Priyadarshan, and Nivetha Pethuraj played the lead roles in the film Chitralahari. Chitralahari directed by Nenu Shailaja fame Kishore Tirumala under the prestigious Mythri movie makers banner. Chitralahari got released this Friday and grabbed a positive response from everyone. Sunil had done a comedian role in this film. As his role got a colossal response, Sunil spoke to media.


He is an excellent teacher


Trivikram is the only person who I shared everything good or bad. He is not only a good friend; he is also has a good teacher. If someone is in trouble, he used to give strength. When we all used to live together if someone has a problem, he used t give confidence to them.


Learn from everything...


The Maximum People Will Hurt If We Fail. People will also praise when we get success. We could not live if we don't think we are powerful. But the situations around us are more powerful. That determines our needs. Priorities are changing with time. There is nothing like it could not hurt. We have to learn from everything


God will not decide victory and defeat


God did not decide whether to win or defeat. This is the game we are playing. For example, if we participate in a 100 meters race, The person who wins the track is great — the same way everyone chooses some profession and gets better. I transformed from comedian to hero and got failed. But my well-wishers in the industry had supported me.


I did not mention that I cannot do comedian role


I tried to give a jolt as a hero. For example, Jackiechan is a comedy hero. Father's characters in our country have a tummy, but father characters in China have six packs. There are roles here according to our circumstances. When I became a hero, one asked me what kind of hero you wanted to be. He said to do an action comedy film. After Andala Ramudu success, I tried to do comedian roles also. If I get such characters, I want to do. Since then, the producers and directors reduced to approach me for comedian roles.



My Participation in Social Media is meager


Social media has grown. If I bought a bicycle in my house and posted the news on social media. I was engaging your brain with unused stuff that is not necessary. My Participation in Social Media is meager.


How do you feel working with Teju?


I know Teju before entering into films. I like him very much. Teju is a good friend to Manchu Vishnu and Manoj. I used to meet him. 


About your next movie

I am doing a role in Bunny, Trivikram movie. There are two big movies in discussion. I'll be doing another big star movie.

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