The Differences Between Them Threatened me- Meghamsh


The Differences Between Them Threatened me- Meghamsh

11 Jul, 2019

Late Srihari's son Meghamsh Srihari is getting introduced to the Telugu audience with his debutant film Rajdooth. Nakshatra, Priyanka Varma is pairing with Meghamsh in this film, which was directed by Arjun-Karthik. MLV Sathyanarayana is producing this film under Lakshmi Productions Banner. On the occasion of the movie release on 12th July, Meghamsh spoke to media.


Tell us about your first movie, 'Rajdooth'?

Yes, this is my first movie as a hero. We worked very hard for this movie. The producer also worked hard to make the film.


The reason to shoot the film secretly?

The film was shot secretly to avoid the publicity that increases pressure on us.


Do you have a passion for films?

Born and raised in a family belonging to the film industry, I have a passion for films. In my childhood, my father had a desire to make me an actor and my brother a director.


Anything about the title Rajdooth?

Many people asked me this question. The hero likes Rajdooth bike and will be in search of Royal Enfield bike.


Is Rajdooth a thriller that will be on a road journey?

Some part of the film will be on a road journey. However, this film is not a thriller movie; it is a varied commercial film that goes on two to three different zones.


How did your mom react seeing you as a hero?

Mom was delighted and a little bit worrying about the output. She watched the movie and liked it very much.


What's your favorite aspect in your father?

I like every angle including emotional and angry perspective in his acting


Did you train in acting?

I went to train for a few days before the film. I also had experience in doing theater dramas since School Age.


What is your first experience in front of the camera?

At first, I was a little confused and then slowly became accustomed.


Can you tell us about the support you received from the industry?

The industry has shown a lot of affection and love for me. Dharam Tej brother, as well as Manchu Manoj, called and congratulated me.


Which movie do you like in your father's movies?

There are many movies like Bhadrachalam, Dhee, Nuvvu Leka Nene Lenu.


Tell us about your movie directors?

Arjun and Karthik worked with Director Sudheer Varma. The work Co-ordination is good between them. The differences between them threatened me. 

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