Very Happy With Devadas- Sriram Adithya


Very Happy With Devadas- Sriram Adithya

01 Oct, 2018

Youthful director Sriram Adithya who gave the super hit films lie Bhal Manchi Roju and Samanthakamnai is now directed Devadas in Nagarjuna and Nani combination. Sriram Adithya spoke to media about the movie success which is released on Thursday.

How is the movie response?
The response is very good, especially it reached too family audience. Many people were congratulating me on Facebook and Twitter.

How does the movie start?
I had worked for three months on the story by keeping Nani and Nagarjuna in mind. After Nagarjuna and Nani heard the story, They liked it very much.

Did you feel difficult in handling two top heroes?
Not at all, The shooting is done jovially. I felt very happy watching both the top heroes in the monitor. 

The best compliment for this movie?
Nagarjuna called me after watching the movie and said that he felt happy and enjoyed the film. That is my best compliment.

Is there any sequel to this film?
There is no idea for now making a sequel. I love working with the same team once again.

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