It's not Tough Because I Enjoy Writing  - 'Sai Madhav Burra'


It's not Tough Because I Enjoy Writing  - 'Sai Madhav Burra'

31 Dec, 2018

Nata Sarvabhoma Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao Biopic 'NTR' is directed by Krish Jagarlamudi. Hero Nandamuri Bala Krishna is producing this film under NBK films banner. NTR biopic is going to release as two parts NTR Katha Nayakudu and NTR Maha Nayakudu. NTR Kathanayakudu is going to release on January 9th. Dialogue writer Sai Madhav spoke to media on the occasion of the movie release.

How did you feel working for NTR?
I could not express in terms of words. I am a huge fan of Rama Rao sir since childhood. I never expected that I would get a chance to work for his biopic.

What research have you done for NTR?
Observing, learning, researching about Rama Rao had not done for the film. It happens in a flow of life. I grew up watching NTR, ANR and Krishna's movies from my childhood. I have done some research for a biopic that's a part of my life.

There is a  curiosity from the audience? Will you reach their expectations?
Everybody wants to know about that great person. As every man has a soul, Every story will have a soul. Millions of incidents will happen in everyone's life. But It is not possible to show every event in the film. Some useful memories that inspire the people are taken and made the biopic same as Gandhi's Biopic. 

How could you shoot two parts in such a short time?
Yes, NTR Katha Nayakudu and NTR Maha Nayakudu shoot is been completed in 70 days. How NTR's story is history, Making this movie is also a history.

There is a lot of importance for dialogues in NTR?
I kept my heart and soul to write the dialogues for this film. If I feel the dialogues were good, I showed them to Krish. If he liked the dialogues he kept them in the film.
Balakrishna's performance in NTR?
Balakrishna's performance in the film seems 100 percent as Rama Rao. I was amazed at Balakrishna's performance in the set. Sometimes there are occasions when I get tears thinking him as Rama Rao.

Have you taken Balakrishna's advice for writing dialogues?
I took valuable advice and information from Balakrishna. His advice and suggestions will be very useful for the film.  

Are there any signature dialogues in this film?
Yes, it will be. The dialogue 'Samayam ledu mithrama Saranama Ranama' In the film `Gauthamiputra Shatakarni` movie also became a signature dialogue. 

NTR had acted in many movies? Did all the characters that he did will be shown in this film?
NTR had acted in more than 300 films. We have tried to show some characters.

Is it possible to write dialogs for biopic films?
I love writing dialogues so that I don't feel any stress. Its a delightful feeling going into the lives of people and write dialogues.  

Next committed movies?
Chiranjeevi's Syeraa Narasimha Reddy and RRR.

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