Saaho is an International Action Drama- Prabhas


Saaho is an International Action Drama- Prabhas

27 Aug, 2019

Young Rebel star Prabhas starring as the main lead in the huge budget film with high standards technology. The film is being released worldwide grandly on August 30. The film crew is currently running promotions for the film. On this occasion, Prabhas spoke to media.


Full busy with Saaho Promotions?

Saaho will be released in all languages. That’s why we are doing huge promotions in all languages


Shall we notice any new changes after 'Baahubali'?

There is nothing new in me after Baahubali. But Baahubali series got me identity all over India.


Apart from the craze for Baahubali 2, Saaho also got a good craze in other languages. Do you enjoy it?

Due to Baahubali, Saaho has become a crazy project in all languages, but these are two different films with separate zonars. We can't compare Baahubali and Saaho.


Why did it take so much time to complete Saaho?

We didn't take much time intentionally. We made this project with extremely high budget internationally; we have launched Saaho as an action drama with high standards technology. So many technicians from Hollywood worked for the film. We have been rehearsing for each scene for several days. There was some delay due to VFX.


Cinema with Prabhas means 100 crores budget. The film 'John' is also a big-budget film. How's that movie coming out?

I believe that the budget of the movie should always depend on the story of the film. However, I have never pressured any producer to make a huge budget for my film.


What Are Your Next Projects? Do you appear in Hindi even after 'Saaho'?

Everything depends on the story. If I get such story, I will definitely appear in Pan Indian film. There are so many offers from Bollywood and Kollywood already. I will think about next movies after the release of Saaho.  I am currently working for John.


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