Ram Gopal Varma appears before Police


Ram Gopal Varma appears before Police

17 Feb, 2018

Maverick film director Ram Gopal Varma who recently directed and released an adult web series GST (God Sex and Truth), has met the Hyderabad CSS police based on the complaint given by Devi a social activist and a lawyer on him. 

Recently a popular news channel has conducted a live show with RGV and social activist Devi. During the live show, while talking to Devi, RGV has told that he will direct his next GST part with Devi, as he feels she is more beautiful than Mia Malkova who featured in GST. After this shocking comment, the host of the show has condemned RGV immediately. Offended by RGV comments Devi has filed a case against RGV.

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