I was excited working in Nannu Dochukunduvate- Nabha Natesh


I was excited working in Nannu Dochukunduvate- Nabha Natesh

18 Sep, 2018

Sudheer Babu and Nabha Natesh doing the main lead roles in the film Nannu Dochukunduvate in Sudheer Babu production banner. Nannu Dochukunduvate movie is directed by the debutant director R.S. Naidu. This movie is going to hit the screens on September 21st. Heroine Nabha Natesh spoke to the media about the film.

How did you get a chance in Telugu?
Nannu Dochukunduvate is my second film. But depending on the release criteria, This is my debut film. Director R.S. Naidu approached me for the heroine role.

Tell us about your background?
I am from Kannada background and also know little bit Telugu. I have learned Telugu while acting in Telugu movies. I am a theater artist by profession. I made a course as a theater artist in my college days. I have learned a theater course with the idea of coming to the movies. I have done modeling too. 

Tell about your character in Nannu Dochukunduvate?
I have done an emotional role in the movie. I felt very happy doing this type of character.

About Sudheer?
He is the best producer and costar to act with. I am very fortunate to get this opportunity from Sudheer and my director Naidu. 

About your next projects?
At present Nannu Dochukunduvate and Adhugo are ready for the movie release. 

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