Mahesh Babu starring as Rishi in 'Maharishi'

09 Aug, 2018

Superstar Mahesh Babu's 25th film titled 'Maharshi'firstlook was released on the occasion of his birthday today. But for a few days, there is some curiosity among the audience about the movie title. Rishi is the hero's character name in the film. Initially, Rishi was thought to be the movie title, but Mahesh Babu fans have been reluctant to the title so, the film unit has postponed the release of the title. The reason fans rejected rishi title is because of the two-letter sentiment.  As all Mahesh Babu's two-letter titles  Nani, Bobby and Vamsi are failing at the box office. Since Mahesh Babu fans took this to the attention of director Vamsi PaidiPalli and the title was framed as Maharshi. The first look of Mahesh resembles a young handsome boy with a light beard, rough look and look like a student with a laptop. The teaser is also going to be launched soon. The film will be released on April 5 as a summer special.

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