Mahanati is a complete story arc of Savitri


Mahanati is a complete story arc of Savitri

31 Oct, 2017

Legendary Tollywood actress Savitri will light up the screens again as Keerthy Suresh is playing the part. The film will not just focus on certain phases of Savitri’s life but portray complete life story of the actress including her addiction to liquor. Seems, director Nag Ashwin wants to consider the entirety of a star’s life to showcase the full effect of a downfall.

Prakash Raj is playing K.V.Chowdary in the film and other star cast includes Vijay Devarakonda,Mohan Babu, Samanta, Shalini Pandey, Bhanu Priya, Dulqar Salman and Rajendra Prasad

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