Kannada superstar Darshan to break KGF Record


Kannada superstar Darshan to break KGF Record

13 Aug, 2019

Kurukshetra, starring Kannada superstar Darshan as Duryodhana, had a grand release recently. Not only the Kannda audience, but the Telugu audience are also anxious to watch the 3D film of Mahabharatha. The movie is collections of blockbuster collections in Kannada. Yash, who set a record Already in Kannada for KGF first day. Darshan has crossed the KGF collections. The Telugu version of the movie has been trimmed for 25 minutes.

The film star Action King Arjun is seen as Karna, Darshan as Duryodhana, Sonu Sood as Arjuna, Akhil Goud as Abhimanyu, Ravichandran as Krishna and Sneha as Droupathi. The film is being released in five languages ​​at once. The film was released as a mythological 3D version produced by Rockline Venkatesh who has produced several films in Telugu and Kannada languages ​​and is known as South India Sensational Producer.

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