Jawaan Pre-release event


Jawaan Pre-release event

20 Nov, 2017

Sai Dharam Tej - B.V.S.Ravi’s latest film Jawaan is all set to release in two weeks time and the film celebrated a pre-release event in Hyderabad this Sunday. During the event…

V.V.Vinayak said “Sai Dharam Tej is the amalgamation of Mega star and Power star. I’ve working on a film with him right now. In the 40 long days of our shoot, he never went for a retake. He is very focused on the film. B.V.S.Ravi is one of my favorite directors and I wish the debutant producer Mr.Krishna all the very best“

Koratala Siva said “B.V.S. Ravi is my college mate and time just flies by whenever he is around. He is such an entertaining guy. Mr.Krishna is too is someone who I admire. Sai Dharam Tej is a very positive hero as he responds positively whenever we meet. I wish he reaches the big hero league soon and Taman’s music is laudable“

B.V.S.Ravi said “I narrated Jawaan to Sai Dharam Tej in 2015 but the film took two years to realize. Sai Dharam’s support throughout the journey has been tremendous. Mr.Krishna supported our unit with everything we wanted and Mr.Dil Raju is our backbone. This is a very genuine character of mine and talks about having a Jawaan in every household. Taman’s music and R.R. came out really good and the film is releasing on December 1st”

Dil Raju said “The inspiration for Jawaan’s title song came from films like Khushi and Badri. Krishna is a genuine human being. I’ve known Ravi as a good writer since Bhadra and I’m glad that Mr.Koratala Siva assisted Ravi in the script. We watched the film with Re-Recording and Taman has done an amazing job.The film will be a huge hit for its novel approach“

Sai Dharam Tej said “It’s said that there’s a name engraved on each rice grain you consume. My 3 uncles’ names will be engraved on each rice grain I consume. Just like how Mr.Chiru and Pawan uncle has been Jawaans for my family, the film talks about having a jawan in each household. Mr.Krishna supported us completely as a producer and S.S.Taman’s music has been top notch. I’ve seen the film recently and quite confident about the success. Mr.Pawan Kalyan made me take charge as a jawan for my family and I am now ready to stand guard as a jawan for their homes as well. As soon as I heard the title, I knew this is a huge responsibility. I hope you make the film a good hit.“

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