I'll Never Act on My Banner


I'll Never Act on My Banner

23 Feb, 2018

Natural star Nani produced his first film 'AWE' in Wall Poster Banner. Nani spoke to media on the movie release occasion about the movie.


Yesterday I showed the Awe movie to some of my friends. I felt nervous the same when I was watching Ashta Chamma movie. Here I invested money as a producer, and there I spent my work but nothing different. I felt responsible doing the film.


Reason for producing the film?

It's a good story and thought of producing the movie. Why should someone produce and why not me. The film came out very well with a different screenplay in Telugu.


How did you Manage two responsibilities?

It became tough managing two different roles simultaneously. Being in touch with the movie team, on the one hand, Krishnaarjuna movie shooting in Goa. There were no signals at all and been too complicated for the last few days.


Do you know the producers' difficulties?

I always respect producers, after AWE movie the respect gradually increased. I have come to know the difficulties and tensions of producers.


Any Troubles for movie release?

Cinema is business based on art. But the film AWE is very different, and there is no Telugu movie so far of that sort. I don’t want to release the film with my background. I just want to take the risk. Some x person advised me to sell the movie if it does not work out. But I don’t want to. People who enjoy art will like the movie. Until today, there is not a single bit scene in Telugu movie.

How you trusted director?

The person who writes a new story can deal with the story. He believed his story and made the film done before the date.

Did the artist work for the story or Nani?

They did not work for me, they worked for the story. I think I am getting closer to the audience with each movie. There are many directors and producers in this Journey. I will not act on my banner. But if I get such a different story, I'll get my banner.

Did the director come for the voice over when you accepted to produce after listening to the story?

Yes, first the director came to me for the voice over. I could not speak for a while after listening to the story. He first thought of doing a crowdfunding film then I handed over to produce the movie. If you tell this story and understand it, you can not build it. Every rupee earned here will be put here. I'll spend money on a good movie. So far, the content did not come in Indian cinema.

Why is the story not revealed in the Trailer?

This film is a different zonal film where the movie story should not be known before. The movie looks fantastic and unexpected while watching the movie and feels new while coming out. Many of my friends advised me not to produce movies, but I like to initiate things.

A Justification?

Awe is a surprise felt many times while watching this film. Everything will be started with Awe, so it's all started. Do everyone likes Awe? I can not say but, the people those who tend to watch new stories will like the movie. I have founded Banner to encourage new talents but not to my business. I can say it’s an award scoped film.

Acting, Direction, Producer Which is Safe Game?

It's not a game. Every role has its preference.


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