I Waited For Dorasani- Shivatmika


I Waited For Dorasani- Shivatmika

07 Jul, 2019

Anand Deverakonda and Shivatmika Rajasekhar are getting introduced as hero and heroine with the film Dorasani. A joint venture of Madhura Entertainments and Big Ben Cinemas is releasing grandly on July 12th. KVR is introduced as a director with this film. The dorasani pre-release event will be on Sunday. On this occasion, Shivatmika spoke to media.


I grew up with films:

The shootings have been part of my life ever since my childhood. I used to spend my time in shootings more than school. No one in my house got surprised when I said that I wanted to be a heroine.


I waited for Dorasani:

I liked my character while listening to this story. Director Mahendra's description of the character impressed me much. After listening to the story for 4 hours, they took the auditions from Anand and me. After the auditions, I didn't receive any message about the film. At that time, I waited for Dorasani.


Love stories don't have old and new feel:

I believe that such differences like old and new do not exist for love stories. I did not want to appear as a modern girl. I like Periodic Movies. I am a big fan of Sanjay Leela Bhansali films. I am delighted to be introduced to such a story.


Director KVR Mahendra is very strict:

There are no scenes written for the characters. He brought us forward with his story. After the shooting, he said he had selected me before saying a dialogue. He will explain the scenes, and we have to follow that. 


Mom’s movies are a reference to me:

I don't know much about the traditions of the 80s. I have taken my mother's makeup and style as a reference. I felt delighted when everyone compared similarities with mom at the shooting locations.


Happier to be as Rajasekhar's daughter:

I grew up watching the image of my father from childhood. Recently my fathers Kalki movie released and now my film is nearing its release. I feel happy, and some tensed when my father says proudly about my film.


Anand Deverakonda is the best:

Working with Anand is very comfortable. He speaks very little, and we became friends slowly in the shooting. Anand was selected before me. No one is better than Anand to do Raju's character. He practiced Telangana slang very well. Everyone will speak about his performance after the movie release.



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