“I played Pushpa in the film” - Raashi Khanna


“I played Pushpa in the film” - Raashi Khanna

30 Jan, 2018

Hero Ravi Teja’s latest starrer ‘Touch Chesi Chudu’ starring Raashi Khanna and Seerat Kapoor is all set to release on 2nd February and the actress spoke to the press…

How is character going to be?

I played Pushpa in the film. Usually there’s no scope for the heroines to play comedy scenes but this film is an exception. There are a several comedy scenes between me and Ravi Teja and after the dubbing was done, Mr.Ravi Teja called me up saying I’ve done a fine job. That’s a big compliment!

How was it working with Mr.Ravi Teja?

Ravi Teja is very energetic and always jovial on the sets. Its really fun working with Mr.Ravi Teja and I would make another film with him If I could

Your favorite part of the film?

This film is the story of a sincere police officer and the family emotions are knitted well into the narrative. The film will appeal to a wide range of audience. Though I wanted to dub for the film myself, due to shortage of time I couldn’t do so.

How was it playing a variety of roles?

It's quite boring to play the same type of characters for a long time so I’m choosing a variety of roles

How was it working with senior and young heroes?

I’ve learnt a lot while working with the senior heroes and try to learn new things while working with a young cast. I’m not planning to get into Bollywood as I’m getting a plenty of good roles in Tollywood itself

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