Huge Response For Mr & Mrs Teaser


Huge Response For Mr & Mrs Teaser

10 Feb, 2019

Youth full movies always have the attention of the audience. Mr and Mrs Teaser also got such a response. Youth is having a habit of taking selfie videos and capturing every moment. The movie is all about the consequences that had happened in the lifes of two people who had a habit of making videos. Mr and Ms is directed by Ashok Reddy.

The movie unit had launched the movie teaser. Reading lamp creations Banner producing this film is completing its shoot in Hyderabad. This film is a crowd-funded film. This film shows the problems they face and elevates the emotions they face. Pelli Chupulu reality show winner Gnaneshwari is the female lead in this film. The movie unit is planning to release the film on
February 14th as a valentines day gift to the audience.

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