Don't Bluff The Audience in The Movie Theaters - `Gopi Ganesh`


Don't Bluff The Audience in The Movie Theaters - `Gopi Ganesh`

24 Dec, 2018

The movie 'Bluff Master' is directed by Gopi Ganesh Pattabi and is the remake of 'Chathuranga Vettai'. Abhishek films Banner founder Ramesh Pillai producing this film under Shivalenka Krishna Prasad presents under Sridevi Movies banner. Jyothilakshmi, Ghazi fame Sathyadev and Ekkadikipothavu CHinnavada fame Nanditha Swetha are the main lead roles in the film. Director Gopi Ganesh spoke to media on the occasion of the movie release.

I have an ad agency where I prepare stories for the films. And on the other hand, I work as the ad's director. I came into films as a cinematographer. 'Romeo' is my first film as director.

This story is an inspiration from my teacher's film 'Businessman'. In the movie opening, there is a small dispute between the hero and the commissioner. Based on that, this movie story was made from another perspective of the Society.
Before Sathyadev, Fout to five heroes had changed for the project. The hero in this film is seen as a common man, That's the reason this film is connected to everyone. I changed the hero characterization.  

I have a good relationship with Sathyadev and tried to bring him into the project many times. Producers think in business terms! I have called Sathyadev to test his luck for the last time on the movie announcement day. He also likes the script too. Producer Sivalenka Krishna Prasad had trusted him and stopped the announcement. Satyadev was taken the movie to the next level with his acting no one could do it.  

Aditya Menon, Brahmaji, and Sizzumenon have done very good roles in the film. The main lead roles named as Akash Vihari and Avani in the film. 

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