Gopi Chand’s next gets a title


Gopi Chand’s next gets a title

06 Jan, 2018

After earning a good reputation as a mass hero, actor Gopi Chand isn’t able to acquire a good success in the recent times. Since both mass entertainers and stylish flicks are disappointing at the box office, Gopi Chand is looking towards his sentiment. In his upcoming film with director Chakri, Gopi Chand decided to go with the title ‘Pantam’. Gopi Chand’s previous films ‘Yagnam’, ‘Ranam’. ‘Lakshyam’, ‘Laukyam’ and ’Sauryam’ have all been super hits at the box office and this might be the reason for his next film titled ‘Pantam’.

Also, though Gopichand acted as a villain in films like ‘Jayam’ and ‘Varsham’, the films were huge hits and won a critical acclaim for the actor. These facts further establish the sentiment of the actor. Mehreen Prizada is playing the female lead in the film.

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