Every Movie Will Be My First Movie : Gopichand


Every Movie Will Be My First Movie : Gopichand

05 Jul, 2018

Gopichand 25th film 'Pantham' in the direction of KK Radha Mohan released today with huge expectations.

Gopichand Interview Regarding Pantham...

Say Something About Pantham?

The movie is all about my fight for a social cause. Basically, this is my 25th movie and I work as if it was my first one. Pantham is a type of movie that resembles my father's movie pattern.

Reason to select a new director?

Chakri told a story that impressed me a lot and accepted the movie.

Tell something about the producer?

I met Radha Mohan garu through Sridhar. They felt like taking a risk with the new director but after listening to the story they accepted and produced the movie.

What would you feel after analyzing all your movies?

Every film I've made so far great in terms of story. But some movies didn't work out at the box office due to the lack of publicity or screenplay faults.

Is there a political backdrop in Pantham?

There is no political backdrop in the movie. But we have discussed some of the problems faced by the people in society. I have also seen those who have suffered such problems. Dialogues are very powerful.

Your next Project?

My next project is under BVSN Prasad's production with a new director Kumar.

Any Movie with Sampath Nandi?

At the time of Gautham Nanda, I promised a movie with him. Script work is going on, and the details will be revealed soon.

About Heroine?

Mahreen’s role has a scope for performance along with glamor. Gopi Sundar also composed great songs and excellent background music.

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