Disco Raja promises new experience - VI Anand !!


Disco Raja promises new experience - VI Anand !!

23 Jan, 2020

Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja, Nabha Natesh and Payal Rajputh starring as the main lead in the film Disco Raja directed by VI Anand. The film was produced by Ram Talluri under the banner of SRT Entertainments. On the occasion of the movie release on 24th of this month, director VI Anand spoke to media.


`Disco Raja’ is coming up with sci-fi elements. Why did you want to make a film in the sci-fi zone?

Sci-fi is the most intriguing thing for me since I was a child. Science fiction in a way is also my favourite zoner. This is the concept that came to my mind ten years ago. Ever since I have been searching for full details about the story of this movie.  


Ten years back you got the idea, but why didn’t you do till now?

I didn’t have clarity on the elements that elevate this sci-fi concept. However I read an article about Biochemical Lab last year. The script was written in the sense of how lab research sucks. The script came out very well. "Disco Raja" is a sci-fi drama. All kinds of emotions are very natural, along with good humor in the film.


This film is the biggest film of your career. What precautions did you take for this movie?

Of all the films I have made, this is the biggest budget movie. I know, this is a movie that will take my career to the next step. We worked very closely with every sequence of the film. Every emotion in the movie is very natural.  


This zoner is new to Ravi Tejas. How did you convince him?

I told the story to Ravi Teja when he wanted to make a different film in his career. He liked it. He liked discoraja character in the film. When I was writing the script, I wrote it only from the perspective of Raviteja. Working with him seemed very happy.


How are the commercial elements going to be in this concept film?

This is a belief that commercial elements will not sink in concept film. But that is wrong. Most of the Hollywood films with good concept has good commercial elements. All those movies have been a big hit. And when it comes to my concept, I have made the film to balance the commercial elements with concept.

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