Controversies on Vijay Devarakonda's NOTA


Controversies on Vijay Devarakonda's NOTA

20 Sep, 2018

Tollywood talented hero Vijay Devarakonda movies struck into controversies, unfortunately. His films Arjun Reddy posters created controversies since a political leader commented on the posters. Th enext Geetha Govindam also faced many obstacles with piracy. and now NOTA is also facing court notices and been controversial as usaul.

Telugu dialogue writer Shashank Vennelakanti filed the complaint in CHennai police station against Anand Shankar for Vijay Devarakonda's NOTA movie. He complained that his writing credits are not written in the NOTA's Telugu trailer and remuneration for this movie is not paid. However, Shashank requested the authorities to take legal action on the movie unit.

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