Single Advice From Chiranjeevi Garu: Kalyan Dev          


Single Advice From Chiranjeevi Garu: Kalyan Dev          

12 Jul, 2018

Mega Star Chiranjeevi son-in-law Kalyaan Dhev debut movie Vijetha is directed by Rakesh Shashi in Sai Korrapati's production. On the occasion of the movie release on 12th July, Kalyaan Dhev spoke to media.

Describe you?
I used to do business before coming into the movies. After completing my engineering, I made an effort to enter into Bollywood. But it doesnot worked out. I accepted Vijetha movie within a week after completing my training at Sathyanand garu. I am very excited towards the movie release.

Did you get any advise from Chiranjeevi garu?
After listening to the story, I spoke to Chiranjeevi garu. He also liked Vijetha's story. Chiranjeevi suggested Murali Sharma in the father's character in the movie. Middle-class father and sons feelings are presented newly in the movie. Uncle did not watch the whole movie he roughly had a look at it.

Tell something about the producer?
Everyone knows about Sai Korrapati's banner. They produced the movie without any compromises.

Which type of films will you do in the future?
I want to do realistic films of all types. Keeping Chiranjeevi's titles or songs is not easy in this generation. But Vijetha title is apt for this movie. 

Did Charan hear the script?
Charan did not hear the script but he had a discussion with the uncle. But I cleared doubts with Charan after completion of the movie.  

Srija's response after watching Vijetha?
Surprising element for me is Srija is not a movie lover. But she supported and encouraged me for this movie.

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