No Comparision B/W Savyasaachi and Hello Brother- Chandu Mondeti


No Comparision B/W Savyasaachi and Hello Brother- Chandu Mondeti

30 Oct, 2018

Young director Chandu Mondeti making his second film Savyasaachi after Premam. Savyasachi is going to release on November 2nd. Chandu Mondeti spoke to media about the movie release.

How did you get an Idea of making Savyasaachi?
A few years back, I have read an interesting article based on twin syndrome. After that, I told the script to Naga Chaitanya and the producers and they too liked the script.

Savyasaachi teaser resembles Hello brother, Does the movie matches?
No, This is completely a different concept. Since some comedy scenes may resemble the film people are thinking that it may match hello brother.

Why did you feel Savyasaachi title suits the film?
When I was preparing the script, I liked Savyasaachi title and that suits the film most. 

How did you convince Madhavan for this film?
Madhavan had done movies with top directors. After listening to my script for 45 minutes, he accepted to act in the film.

Why do you want to remix Ninnu Road Mida song?
That song is totally my idea. I wanted my audience to get relaxed in the serious noted second half.

Did you feel nervous about the movie release?
yes somewhat. I am very excited to know the audience response.

About your next movies?
At present, I am focussed with Savyasaachi promotions. After the movie release, I will think about the next film.

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