I Cant make Small Films- Boyapati


I Cant make Small Films- Boyapati

10 Jan, 2019

I will do movies what the audience expect from me. I can not do small films. It doesn't match when audience expectations are different from our product film we do. That's why I can not make small films. Even if I do a biopic, That should have stamina says, Boyapati Srinivas. 'Vinaya Vidheya Rama' directed by Boyapati Srinivas starring Ram Charan Tej is going to release as a Sankranti gift to the audience on 11th of this month. Boyapati spoke to the media on the occasion of the movie release.

He also said that If he does a film with a hero he would feel like his fan. When I was writing a story to Charan also I felt like watching the film in the front seat. Ram Charan does not get satisfied easily, He wants everything to be perfect. When I visited to tell the story to Vivek Oberoi. He rejected first but after listening to the story, He accepted to do the role.  

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