Balakrishna-Nagababu... A Counter Series


Balakrishna-Nagababu... A Counter Series

08 Jan, 2019

Mega brother Naga Babu made sensational comments on Balakrishna that 'I don't know Balakrishna' had raised discussions. Mega fans in support to Naga Babu and Nandamuri fans in support to Balakrishna had a war in social media. After that Nagababu came up with a post saying "We know poetry". Nandamuri fans are angry on Nagababu for posting such sarcastic posts on NTR Biopic.

Recently Naga Babu released a video about his comments saying "Hello friends, I have a lot of criticism for the past few days that I have been commenting on a person. But I do not usually go to the controversy, and want to be popular. Everyone is thinking that I have given a counter to Balkrishna's words. But he made counters on my family and my brothers six times. How Balakrishna can say I don't know Pawan Kalyan who fought for the victory for TDP.  

Nagarbabu responded to Balakrishna's remarks about politics in an interview saying " What does Amitabh Bachchan do? What does Chiranjeevi do? We are unique, our blood is unique, our breed is unique". Like NTR, Amitabh, Raj Kumar and MGR were also stars. You can criticize anyone, But criticizing the superstars made me feel bad.  

"Whoever feels bad for making comments on Balakrishna please know how many comments he had made," says Naga Babu. said. This Counter Series is going to be Continuous. Nakababu said that Balakrishna had made six comments about his family and their brothers. Till now he had responded to three comments. Another three comments have to come. He had declared that 4th comment answer would be revealed on Monday evening.

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