"‘Awe’ will be a trendsetter" - Rajamouli


"‘Awe’ will be a trendsetter" - Rajamouli

01 Feb, 2018

Hero Nani's debut as a producer and Prashant Varma's as a director 'Awe' is all set to release on 16th February and the team held a pre-release event. 

Nani said “This is a freak film. We are all a little freaky inside this film will satisfy that urge. Though everybody doubted me as a producer, I went forward to make the film. After making the film, my respect for the producers has doubled. Hats off to the producers and when Prashant told me the story, I wanted a good producer to come on board. I told Prashant not to rush and that I’d give him a producer. After a lot of thought of producing the film myself and confirmed the title ‘Awe’ as it is the sound of first Telugu alphabet. Prashant is very professional in his proceedings and I’m proud to be introducing such a director to the industry. I’ve just watched the film and am very proud”

S.S.Rajamouli said “As soon as I watched the trailer, I wanted to watch the film and that too a day early. Nani has become synonymous with hits and I hope he reaches this threshold. I wish this film becomes a trendsetter in the industry“

Director Prashant Varma said “Thanks to Nani because he called assured me to approach him if any crazy idea comes up! I met Mr.Nani for a voice over for a fish and the story gradually blew up. The title is the same as the reactions I got after narrating the story. The film is releasing on 16th February and If you support this trial, I’ll try to bring out more original concepts“

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